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About Wellspring Community

About Wellspring Community

The Wellspring Community is an ecumenical Community of lay and ordained men and women, who are seeking new ways of living the Gospel.

The Community was established in 1992. It is inspired by the Iona Community, founded in Scotland in 1938 by George MacLeod. the Iona Community is known world-wide for its radical and prophetic Christianity, liturgical renewal, and engagement with local and global issues.

We Recognise That :

Christ is Central. We are a Christian community; therefore reconciliation between people and Christ is central in our lives. Deepening Christian spirituality and evangelism are essential. Prayer and Bible study are priorities.

Christ is in the World. Politics and economics are areas where the Wellspring Community is involved. We are committed to seeking a new, just economic order. Like the Iona Community we seek to rebuild the common life, bringing together work and worship, prayer and politics, sacred and secular, both globally and in our local community.

The Windmill

The windmill symbolises the Wellspring Community. An Australian icon like Vegemite, the windmill expresses our desire to live an Australian Christian faith that is integral to our culture and environment.

A windmill is wind driven.
The blades of the windmill, the men and women of the Community, are impelled by the wind of God. A circular rim, expressing the unity of the Community, connects the blades to each other and the mill itself. The rim evokes the circle in the Celtic cross, the circle of eternity, the Alpha and the Omega, the globe of the earth, and the centrality of Christ.

We rotate with purpose.
We connect to the land. We draw Jesus' life-giving water from the vast aquifers in the depths of this ancient land. From this eternal wellspring, water gushes to fill the troughs, tanks, and wells sometimes to sustain the flourishing life of a rugged land and at other times to transform life in a harsh, arid and occasionally degraded environment.

The City Scape

The symbol of the windmill draws some its power from the bush. Many Australians associate the bush with mateship, perseverance, endurance, and stoicism. The Wellspring Community, however, does not advocate withdrawal from society to rural seclusion. Although we might agree with Thoreau's concerns about materialism, social conformity, justice, and the environment, we seek neither his solitary life of contemplation at Walden nor the monastic separation of the Desert Fathers.

We seek reflective engagement with society. Most Australians live in cities. Rooted in Christ's wisdom and hope, we seek to engage issues arising from the many pluralities and contradictions of urban and rural life. Enlarged by a welcoming Gospel that is open to the world, we seek to engage prophetically and in solidarity with many others. In Les Murray's terms, in solidarity with Christ, we seek to eat from the Common Dish.

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