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 Christian Communities

  • Boiler Rooms
    A 24-7 Boiler Room is a simple Christian community that practices a daily rhythm of prayer, study and celebration whilst caring actively for the poor and the lost.
  • The Iona Community
    An ecumenical Christian community that is committed to seeking new ways of living the Gospel in today's world.
  • The Northumbia Community
    A community united in their desire to embrace and express an ongoing exploration into a new way for living Christianly.
  • Community of Aidan and Hilda
    The Community of Aidan and Hilda is a dispersed, ecumenical body drawing inspiration from the lives of the Celtic saints. The Open Gate, on Lindisfarne is our main house and offers accommodation for members and visitors. We provide a programme of retreats and events on Holy Island, around the UK, and internationally.
  • Contemplative Fire
    Contemplative Fire is an intentional and dispersed community of people who are seeking to be fully present to the Kingdom of God here and now. Contemplative Fire celebrates natural beauty, deep connectedness and the play of wisdom. We believe that the risen Christ is calling us to 'travel light and dwell deep' as his companions on this extraordinary journey. Contemplative Fire was founded in 2004 by Revd Philip Roderick and authorised by the Diocese of Oxford.
  • L'Arche (Australia)
    L'Arche is an international organisation founded by Jean Vanier which typically provides family-style homes and lifestyle support to people with an intellectual disability.

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 Spirituality and Worship

  • Eremos
    Eremos is a forum and support for individuals and communities to explore, express and deepen their spirituality within an Australian context.
  • Bosco Peters liturgies
    Putting worship and spirituality to the forefront of our life and thinking is foundational to our Christian life. People are clamouring for spirituality, for a relationship with God. This relationship is nourished and expressed in worship, prayer, contemplative life and meditation, individually and in community. A new paradigm affirms all that is good in worship. It takes its cue from scholarly return to early-church sources as well as worship that takes its cue from our contemporary culture and environment. This website is part of taking seriously our Christian heritage and our current situation. It seeks to encourage worship that is vital, transforming, and faithful.
  • Campfire In The Heart
    Campfire in the Heart is a beautiful 5 acre property in Alice Springs offering a restful venue for individual, family and small group retreats, conferences and quiet days.
  • St Clement's Retreat Centre
    St. Clement's Retreat Centre, Galong (near Harden), NSW offers structured Retreats for clergy, religious and lay people as well as the chance to simply "come aside to a quiet place and rest awhile". A retreat can be as short as one day, a weekend or several weeks.
  • Silver Wattle Quaker Center
    Silver Wattle is a new Quaker centre in Australia.
    It is a place of peace, rest and spiritual renewal.
    We welcome serious seekers of all faith traditions. Our offerings encompass:
    • spiritual formation and prayer
    • Quaker heritage and processes in decision-making and reconciliation
    • preparing for active witness in nonviolent social change
    • training in sustainable living
    • a meeting space within the setting of a Spirit-led Quaker community
  • Stillpoint in Brisbane
    For people who are seeking resources for their faith journey, looking for a quiet place for reflection or prayer, needing refreshment after giving out to others, facing some big decision, working through a loss or disappointment, finding life tough, planning a retreat day for a small group.
  • Julian Centre in Adelaide
    Offering a space for prayer and reflection, Spiritual Direction, Retreats, Days of Reflection and workshops on prayer and meditation.
  • Sacred Space
    Daily prayer online. Produced by the Irish Jesuits.
  • Bible Gateway
    Bible Gateway provides a free service for reading and researching scripture online.
  • Bartleby
    Bartleby has a wide range of basic references that are available free on line.

 Peace and Social Justice

  • Micah Challenge
    Bringing together more than 270 Christian organisations providing relief, development and justice ministries throughout the world.
  • TEAR
    A movement of Australian Christians responding to the needs of poor communities around the world.
  • Act for Peace
    Act or Peace, the aid and development agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA), helps develop a better future for people suffering from injustice and poverty. Aid and Development is delivered through overseas ecumenical partners in Africa, Asia, Middle East and the Pacific.

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 Australian Reconciliation

  • National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Commission
    The National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Commission (NATSIEC) of the National Council of Churches in Australia provides information and resources regarding the major issues affecting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia from an Ecumenical Christian perspective.

 The Environment

  • Cool the Globe
    This website is about providing practical solutions to global warming. Consider this a mainstream website. Use it as a resource. We strive to ensure the information you find here (outside of our unregulated blogs) is based on fact. The point is to promote a universal conversation in the hope that together, we can cool the globe.
  • Season of Creation
    In the seasons of Advent, Epiphany, Lent and Easter we celebrate the life of Christ. In the season of Pentecost we celebrate the Holy Spirit. Now, in the season of Creation, we have an opportunity to celebrate God, the Creator. For four Sundays in September, prior to St Francis of Assisi Day, we join in celebrating with Christ the wonders of creation. This website provides resources including Readings, Liturgies, Bible Studies, Sermons, Children's Addresses, Theology, Spiritual Reflection, Earth-Care, Worship Guidelines, Visuals, and Creation Songs.

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 Other Interesting Sites

  • Wellspring Centre
    The WellSpring Centre, an initiative of Ashburton Baptist Church, Melbourne, has its roots in the traditions of Protestant spirituality.The WellSpring Centre is committed to providing space and support within a Christian context to those who wish to deepen their awareness of the presence of God and to follow the implications of this in everyday life in ways that are just, compassionate, healing and reconciling.
  • Hollywood Jesus
    Visual movie reviews, with explorations into the deeper more profound meaning behind film, music and pop culture.

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