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Gathering 2013

collaroy sunrise

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Wellspring Gathering in Sydney in April 2013 was a successful event enjoyed by all participants. It was held in the lovely surroundings of the Collaroy Center Collaroy. Highlights included:

  • Guest speakers were: - Jan Sutch Pickard (Scotland), Lachlan McDanile (Australian Constitution and recognition of first peoples), Dorothy McCrae (Sydney), and Bishop George Browning (ACT);
  • A series of workshops were led by various members;
  • Discussion of statements on a number of issues
  • Discussion of Wellspring's organisation
  • The launch of the new book The Spirit of Community
  • 21st Birthday celebration of the community

Many thanks to the organisers for all their hard work.

Stephanie Hogg

Photo: Sunrise over Collaroy Beach taken before prayers on 6 April.(Alex Scutt)

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