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Books and Cards

Books and Cards

Spirit of CommunitySPIRIT OF COMMUNITY A resource book for worship, reflection and devotions
2013 Janelle Macgregor (ed) Wellspring Community Inc

The contributions of liturgy, prayer, poetry, reflection and artworks in this book demonstrate the searching that is a pervasive characteristic of Australian life - the searching for ways to live within the contradictions of this land, and its histories, and its potentials. There is a lyrical quality in the language of this book, a singing into our hearts of the gentleness this country gives us, underscored with the rugged rhythms that are necessary to participate in the searching. There are also the assumptions that God is in nature, God is in all the people of this land, and God proposes a future in which all people will live reconciled to, and respectful orf, the land and each other. In this regard the Wellspring Community echoes a Celtic Christian Spirituality of hospitality and relationship, justice and peacemaking, but writes it in a distinctive Australian key.

Janelle Macgregor, (From the introduction)

Campfires and Wellsprings in surprising places CAMPFIRES AND WELLSPRINGS IN SURPRISING PLACES
By Anne McPherson and Peter Millar. Published 2007

This book both inspires and challenges Christians with its compelling insights into ministry; of what it means to work ecumenically and cross-culturally; to walk beside Aboriginal people and share their pain and to give oneself unconditionally to a multifaceted
community of people. What shines through is the joy and the heartbreak of such a ministry and a deep sense of hope grounded in the Gospel. Written by Anne McPherson and Peter Millar in the form of letters to each other, it reflects on what it means to be a Christian presence in Mt. Druitt, Sydney. Anne, a former Leader of the Wellspring Community, was in ministry with the Uniting Church in Bidwill, part of the Mt. Druitt area in the western suburbs of Sydney from 1999-2007.

Peter, a former Warden of Iona Abbey, along with his wife Dorothy, worked with Anne for a year (1999-2000) while assisting the Wellspring Community to reflect on and expand its life and understanding of engaged spirituality in an Australian context. Peter has also made several subsequent visits to Australia since 2000 to walk beside the Wellspring Community.

Brian Ball, (Wellspring Community S.A)

Wellspring Community - an introduction Wellspring Community - An introduction”
In 2009 Wellspring Community published a small book to describe our history up until that time. Anne McPherson was again the editor and main contributor. The book describes our beginnings through the influence of the Iona Community in Scotland and how we have gradually become an Australian expression of Christianity where all members are concerned about the connections between spirituality and justice.
Cost $10 and available from the Wellspring Office in Sydney.
Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prayer cards

Prayer Card - Wellspring Community These cards are postcard sized and have the words of the song “Deep Stillness” by Julie Perrin on the reverse side. There is also room for a personal message and for writing an address.
Cost – packet of 5 for $7.50 or packet of 10 for $15 - available through the office

Wellspring Card - by Jill Robertson The calligraphy on these cards is by Jill Robertson and the words are of the Taizé song that we have adopted: "Jesus, your Spirit in us is a wellspring of life everlasting."
The cards are folded cards and are blank inside and come with envelopes.

Cost – packet of 5 for $7.50 or packet of 10 for $15 - available through the office

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