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Cash Containers in the News

Today's Courier-Mail carried a great Cash for Containers story on page 4 of the Your Money section:

Return for deposit a bottler of a plan

Anthony Keane -Your Money Editor

CASH for your cans? It's an idea that has sparked industry protests interstate, but as a South Aussie who grew up getting refunds for drink containers, I think the complaints are a storm in a (recycled) tea cup.

From a personal finance and environmental perspective, container deposit schemes are a great idea.

Here in SA cans and other containers have had refunds for 35 years, and it increased from 5 ¢ to 10 ¢ five years ago.

Victoria is pushing for a national approach to container recycling and there are political moves under way in NSW and WA.

The NT introduced one last year but legal action from drinks giants Coca- Cola Amatil, Schweppes and Lion Nathan forced it to be declared invalid and it remains in jeopardy.

I'm not an expert in manufacturing costs, but question how a 10 ¢ refundable levy on a soft drink can or milk bottle is going to hurt consumers too much.

I've never bought a drink outside SA and cried "Oh my god! That costs 10c more!"

Clean Up Australia says 80 per cent of Aussies think it is a good idea and that the schemes double recycling rates, help the environment and create jobs, while the drinks crowd argues it will cost jobs and households will pay $300 a year more.

For many children, recycling cans is their first experience of earning money for work. A family of four each drinking a (diet) can of drink a day, plus seven litres of milk a week can earn almost $200 back a year, while barbies and parties are all handy cash generators.

It's not exactly mega bucks, but if it cuts landfill and promotes savings, it can't be a bad thing.

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Copy also sent to Queensland Minister for the Environment.

Neil Holm

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